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The Lands We Share

Farming, History and Place in five wisconsin communities

A Traveling exhibit and community conversation tour

Brought to you by the Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project

Brought to you by the Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project

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A Traveling EXHIBIT and Community COnversation Tour curated by you

How Wisconsin Farming and History Have Shaped Who We Are

A collaboration of faculty and students at four UW campuses (UW-Whitewater, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Madison), The Lands We Share initiative includes a traveling exhibition and public dialogue tour that focuses on the intersection of farming, land, ethnic culture, and history in Wisconsin. The exhibit features the stories, histories, artifacts, images and sounds of five culturally and regionally distinct farms and farm sites and invites visitors to share their own stories, insights and questions. Each stop on the tour includes a three-week run at a community-based venue near one of the five sites and a farm-to-table Community Conversation.

The Lands We Share program aims to bring together people and groups from diverse backgrounds who are often separated despite living and working in close proximity. We encourage participants to identify common interests and to discuss shared community visions by drawing on shared personal or family experiences on the land, in farming or with food. 


Our Stories

Five Farm Sites In Wisconsin

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AllenVille Farms


Vang C&C Farm

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Oneida Nation Farms


Metcalfe park Community Gardens


Dettmann Dairy farms


join us to explore and converse

Exhibition Tour

We are honored to host a traveling exhibit that demonstrates the diversity of agriculture and farming in Wisconsin. Below is our exhibition tour schedule. The exhibit is free, open to the public, and encourages visitor input.

To see our Community Dinner and Conversation schedule, click here.   


In every part of every living thing
is stuff that once was rock

In blood the minerals
of the rock.
— Lorine Niedecker